Knight Printing was established in 1963. For 54 years we have produced a large variety of printing for the oil and automotive industries.

We specialize in labels using a variety of printing systems: Flexo, Offset, Foil Stamping and both Rotary and Flat Bed Printing.

We have the capabilities of producing small quantities at a more reasonable cost due to the variety of press types at our disposal. We produce larger quantities on high speed rotary, multi color equipment.

Over the years, we have supplied major oil companies such as Amoco, Phillips, Citgo, Mobil, Pennzoil, Chevron, BP, Exxon and Castrol with oil change stickers etc.

We have established this web site to emphasize the specialty labels and needs of Oil & Lube Shops, Gas Stations, Auto Garages, Auto Dealerships, Car Wash and Detail Centers, Distributors are welcome.

    • Stickers - Oil change reminder stickers
    • Labels and Decals - Paper, Vinyl, Foils etc.
    • Floor Mats - Paper - Light, Medium, and Heavy Weight Stock
    • Forms - Invoices, Service Forms etc. ( make inquiry )